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First Call Human Resources Consultancy is associated with the field of offshore recruitment services for years now, and can easily offer you quality help. Whether you want help for a small firm or just looking for the best recruitment for larger enterprises, we are happy to help you out. With our extensive network, tenure, and experience in this industry, Key Dot can quickly source suitable, highly qualified candidates for your business. We believe in creating a global network of talented people for market leaders. We do what we do because we care about people we find to work for your organization and want them to believe what your business believes in, so they are passionate about the opportunities you have to offer them. We believe in creating a global network of talented people for market leaders. We do what we do because we care about people we find to work for your organization and want them to believe what your business believes in, so they are passionate about the opportunities you have to offer them.


Headhunting is a search carried out in order to find key people at the management and specialist level with very specific professional skills. We have qualitative experience in headhunting for all kinds of industries and thus provides the best security for an optimal solution. Our headhunting process includes a combination of:

  • Pure headhunting

  • CV Bank

  • Network

  • Advertising

Phase 1:

In this phase, the background and the experience of the candidate are evaluated. Candidates matching the profile will be called in for an interview. The candidate is made aware of the job details and the company and to clarify, whether the professional qualifications and experience match the job profile.

Phase 2:

The candidate undergoes a profile assessment and an aptitude test followed by evaluation including written and oral feedback.

Phase 3:

In this phase, the candidate will be presented to the respective higher officials and other key members of the company. The shortlisted candidates will then be informed of the results.


first call is a pioneer in the provision of permanent healthcare staffing and service solutions. Our global healthcare staffing solution specializes in supplying high caliber professionals to organizations across the world. We work with a wide range of public and private sector healthcare providers, from national and regional healthcare authorities and super-hospitals to small, independently-run private facilities. The UAE remains a popular destination and place to work for nurses and other members of the medical profession due to high levels of investment in medical services and the excellent packages available. We have partnership relationships with over 85 clients including 8 hospitals for over a decade now and assist them in the recruitment of receptionists, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, physiotherapists, and healthcare executives, across all grades and specialties. You can transfer your recruitment requirements to us with the confidence that you will get a professional service to the highest standards. We have expert knowledge of international healthcare qualifications and candidate processing systems. One of our main attributes is the placement of nurses and in assisting and assuring them in qualifying the DHA and MOH requirements. We ensure a hassle-free recruitment process for your healthcare organization and candidates as well. Our agencies in India provide intensive training course programs for nurses to successfully meet the DHA and other MOH requirements and hence migrate to UAE. We also have partner agencies for internal placement in the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and the UK. Over 50% of our placements overseas are now referrals from colleagues and friends we have already placed abroad with prestigious hospitals. Are you a nurse, doctor, or an allied healthcare professional? Apply now and we will get you where you want to be!


International recruitment is about much more than just getting you a job overseas. It’s also about support, attention to detail, knowledge, and expertise. Our services extend to several domains and industries like travel and tourism, construction, hospital, retail, media, marketing, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics, engineering, manufacturing around the world. When you choose us you get:

  • Training: At times it is necessary to receive some additional training to be fit for a job. Although you may be qualified and the firm has selected you, it becomes difficult to cope with the requirements. We do everything in our power to make sure you are prepared for the job.

  • Counseling: Career counseling is very important for young graduates to help to steer them in the career of their choice.

  • Special Recruitment: We specialize in executive search, staffing, contract hire as well as project-based hiring. Thus proving more flexibility to all concerned.

  • Recruitment: Besides you can take advantage of our top-notch recruitment services.


We have been associated with the service of offshore RPO for years. So, we are practically well acquainted with the best candidates. No matter whatever is the case, you are always going to receive the best package from our side, and within your set rates.


Never Compromising On Services

We believe that you have pondered a lot over this thought of outsourcing recruitment services. And that’s why we are always going to offer you quality services. Compromising with the quality is never an option with us. Therefore, we are always going to add-on with the best services. Always make sure to get in touch with our team and procure significant recruitment services. And that helps us to let you choose always the best worker in town.


At times you have no other option but to look for outsourcing extra manpower for your work. It is hard to work on every detailed project of your company, single-handedly. Therefore, it is during such instances, when you have to work on the best manpower recruitment services. And for that, relying on a reputed company is a clever choice. And when we are talking about a reputed firm, we are practically talking about First Call Human Resources Consultancy for best manpower services.


At First Call, we are providing the best IT manpower consultancy services for all your IT related recruitment needs. Our IT staffing services is one of the best in its standards. We have been in the business of manpower consultancy for a long time and among many of the sections, IT Industry Recruitment has become one of the core strengths of ours. There are huge demands in the field of IT due to the ever-changing scenario. The technology gets upgrade very fast and people have to remain updated. The persons who stay updated get better opportunities and easily shifts to a new company that promises him a better salary.


First Call Human Resources Consultancy is a trusted name when it comes to resume writing services. A professional resume will pull you out of the Rat Race. A powerful resume has the ability to change your future, in a positive way. A professional resume writer can create the right format and incorporate effective changes in typography and create a favorable impression about you through soft skills.

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